WordPress vs Blogger Which One is the Best for Your website?

There’s a big different Between WordPress and Blog. Today we will learn about this different! Let’s jump into topics WordPress vs blogger. Which one is perfect for you?

Before i starting my writing i make sure that you’re so Concentrate to read my article. So, Here’s a mind game.

At First Quickly give me answer about your Website. That’s make sure that what you want? If i seems that you need to read my Article that i warn you that you should not or you should use what CMS you should use.

Guess No ☞ 1

Do you want to create a High Quality, Professional, Standards, Well Optimize website? Or A website that you can be easily Customize without coding? ( but you have to buy domain and hosting, also Plugin and spend 200$+ for best result.

Guess No ☞ 2

Do You want to make a website just for buy a Domain and Theme ( both optional ) or totally free? But using a tools Which have so many limitations. And No matter who are you. If You’re a beginner or experts you can use this CMS.

Which CMS is best for website

Guess No 1 is WordPress CMS. if you want to get all this benefit you can use WordPress. Besides, you will get lot of options that i’m going to describe later.

Guess No 2 is for blogger. blogger is one of the product of Google. you Can Use blogger CMS for totally free but you can also buy custom domain and Use this Custom domain in your blogger site.

What is wordpress

At first, WordPress is world’s most used and popular Content management system (CMS). In a recent statistics proved that more than 54% people Use WordPress, more than 13% people use blogger and other’s people use anothers one.

Which CMS is best for website

WordPress is a pre-install software management system which allow to install plugin and allow to add or remove PHP, Java, Html very easily. There’s thousands of plugin available in wordpress. Some plugin for free and some of them are paid.

You can Change logo, Feature image, header image very easily which you can’t do that in blogger.

wordpress vs blogger

There’s Blogger’s the best CMS for a beginner one. Because, blogger has been deign for very easy, even you can use all the tools without coding Knowledge.

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What’s the benefits of Using WordPress?

If you searching for WordPress vs Blogger and try to compare both CMS than you have to understand the useful benefits of wordpress.

WordPress vs Blogger.

WordPress has so many option for customizations. You can use many Types of plugin for what you want. Like : if you want you can build E-commerce website Through wordpress, you can make buy and sell website, whatever you want.

Why Blogger’s Easy?

Blogger have own custom domain.
Blogger has it’s Hosting.
Theme Customisation without Coding. Without spend money.

At first, If you want to start wordpress you have to invest at least 50$. But if your start blogger you can use it for free, even You can create professional website if your want but it is possible if you’re a developer.

wordpress vs blogger

So, blogger provide you a free blogger domain and as a Product of Google they give you Unlimited hosting. even if you have millions of visitors.

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Blogger Theme/customisation

You can develope you’re own theme or blogger has their own themes store you can use for free And There’s important options for you. Anyone Can Upload their own theme which may have been purchased or downloaded.

blogger has many advantages. For example Anyone can Create a Professional website with no investment.

Blogger Post Writing Tools

Blogger is too much easy than WordPress and this will understand when you try to write post in both CMS. Obviously, WordPress also easy. But Blogger Interface looks good for mobile screen. Add images also same way. But wordpress has better and more options than blogger. It’s possible only for blogger Plugins.

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