Top 20 Most Popular Search Engine in 2022

Most Popular 20 Search Engine 2022

Hey, Everyone I hope You are really Fantastic. In this Article I will Explain Top 20 most popular Search Engine. And You will be learn about alternative Search Engine Except Google. Search engine is a very useful things we know about. And we can’t think a single day without this.

Search engine is a very important things for us. Even, I can’t deal my single day without it. People need so many things about Technology or Personal Life. If They want to know something then they use it. Search engine Makes our life easier.


Google is a multinational company. Based on Computer Electronic and Technology. They provide Digital Goods Service and Also they work for developing software, Online Cloud Service, Advertising service and many more.

We Know The World’s Most Powerful Search Engine Is Google According Their User and Some Others terms.

Google Isn’t a search engine but also a brand. They Make our life easy by bring some amusing features. Google Search Used By Almost 4 Billion People around the world. And Every years also Google reach 100+ Trillion Search Queries.

Google reach their estimate visitor of November 2021 is 83B and 94% of visitors from direct link. And 6% from referred visitors.



Google Got 26% from United States, 4% from India, 4.29% From Brazil, 3.80% From United Kingdom, 3% From Japan.

Is Google Show Ads : Yes, Google visitors see ads in Google website.

Google Most useful things about Search that You Should Try :

Live Search Queries of Google with [Visualize] ( where you will find what people search in google right now)

✔ Search in Years ( You can see Which Queries was in top of that years. Here you will find 2001-Present Years Most searched Queries.

popular Search Engine


Chinese Technology always one of the best part of world. Baidu is a chinese. Baidu was first created on January 1st 2000.

Top 20 search engine

Now, It is One of the Greatest AI Technology Based Company in the modern world. This Company work on Their Own App Store and Their AI Based Search engine.

Baidu reach 5.74B Visit. Their 94% Visitors From China, 1.5% Form United States and Others From Some Country.

I think Baidu is the best from others search engine.


According to the duckduckgo traffic record they are all time search about 100,130,491,781 daily search record about 110,439,133 if you look that they are search volume was 2021 about 3530,4278,270.

duckduckgo official Traffic record page

It was a huge amount of traffic more than others small search engine like bing or Yahoo and duckduckgo Traffic Gradually increasing day by day. because, in 2020 their total search volume was to 236,53,663,401 which is 23653 billion and in 2021 it was 353043 million.

It was a huge amount of traffic more than others small search engine like bing or Yahoo and duckduckgo Traffic Gradually increasing day by day. because, in 2020 their total search volume was to 236,53,663,401 which is 23653 billion and in 2021 it was 353043 million.

duckduckgo always work for privacy. They believe that google leaked our date and track us always. They always welcomed us to be free from Google tracking.


Basically, Yandex has come for Russian Language people and in September 2021  Yandex achieve market share of World wide was 0.9% of Russian Language.

Yandex is now going to more popular in the Market. In July 2021 Their Market share of search engine was 1.38% and that’s the big percentage Than others search engine but except Google.

Yandex homepages
Yandex homepage

And Yandex Have their two types of search engine version which is and Yandex.

Their market share are count according their two form.


If You Don’t Know that Being Is a Products of Microsoft,  It’s means your general knowledge is so weak and you have to learn more about IT.

Bing homepage
Bing homepage

BTW, Being Is a Less Popular than Google but More Popular Than Other Search Engine.

Bing Search Volume was 124 million in 2021 (According To Ahrefs) and their Search engine market share was almost 5% of 100% in world wide search.


One of the time Yahoo was one of the most  valuable search engine.Yahoo continuously decreasing their visitor or their customer because they cannot upgrade their system as people want.

How to do seo Audit With Google Free Tools

You know, Google always update their system their search engine matric and  they are always look after search engine.

This site’s world raking is 12. And estimate visitor about 3.6B.

Their 55% visitors from US and some of them are Taiwan, UK, China, India etc.

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Aol is a Computer electronic & Technology Based Company. Aol is a company of United States. This search engine It’s really good but not bad also. This website actually based on US News, entertainment, politics, lifestyle.

20 best search engine

AOL’s world wide rank is 177 and rank in United States is 55. Most of the visitors (84%) come from United States and 80% users visit site directly. AOL total visitors is 257M.

Swisscows is a Switzerland based Engine. This engine launched in 2014. This company category also “Computer Electronic & Technology”.

World wide rank is 24682 and Country of origin is Switzerland.

Estimate visitor of November 2021, 3.08M

Average 95.10% visitors come from direct link. And 0.12% from social media. within 0.12% visitors from social media more than 48% come from YouTube.

It is a German based company and It’s a computer electronics and technology based company. actually, this is a engine that i really likes their project.

Let me introduce their  project and then i will explain their Owesome project.

So, Now I’m just talk about their traffic.

I am Really Impress for that their Active User is More than 15 million.

People are from 30+ countries.

They’re complete 60+ Project.They already gain 142M Search. They’re One Search happen within 1.3 See.


According to ecosia website Information they Invest almost  12,858,740 EURO, And Also they provide the information in Their! website that they earn 2, 167, 344 Euro in the month of November 2021. And In October 2021 their total Revenue was 22M Euro.

About project of free plantation:

Ecosia  engine done a great Job I’ve seen ever. This search engine works for planting. If you complete a search, a tree will be planted. The company is working with such a motto. In November 2021, they spend 2,167,344€ for planting trees in  10 different countries.


Start is a very good company i think and their homepage looks like Google homepage. Because,  startpage show search results from Google. And they Pay for if.

Search engine

Start page :

Startpage is a Famous engine for protect privacy of their user.  This search engine launched was 2002 as a startpage. And in 1998 it was named lxquick.

They are not tracking you (as they say). And They are not even show You advertising when You’re searching something.

This is a German  company. Startpage Headquarters In Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 104, The Hague, the Netherlands.

Startpage traffic :

Startpage Total visitor 66.41M in 2021. They done well. Their 97.23% visitors come from direct link. Which means a lot.

And only 0.27% visitors from referral  and others from search and social. Their Bounce rate is really Great Which is 38% and Average visit duration is 8.80 minutes.

As a German S*earch engine their most of the visitors  (44.53%) and From United States 11.18%.


Qwant was founded in 2011. But launched in july 2013 as a search engine. And It’s Operate from Paris. Qwant is a France Company. And It’s Rank about 120 of all website in France.

Search engine

Qwant Traffic:

This website Global Traffic is over 43.5 M in November 2021. As according to Similarweb the visitors of this website is almost 56.30% from France,  9.07% from Germany, 7.3% from United States.

Their page view duration very good. It’s 00.8.46 And bounce rate 25.39%. Most of the visitors come from direct link.

It’s not really most of the it’s almost 98% people visit this search engine by direct link. which was for Google 94%. is an United States Company. This is a really popular in US and they’ve lots of customers too.

But personally i Don’t like this search engine. Because,  when i make a search in this website, I have found no better result and i search something this search engine show me result which i Don’t want.

Let’s talk about their Traffic :

Over 52.04M people visit this website in November 2021. From this visitors more than 55% from United States, 5.29% from Germany and 5.02% from United Kingdom.

Their 94.9% visitors are come from direct link. And 4% from search.

Dogpil is a metasearch search engine launched in November 1996. They Provide Search result from Google, Yahoo, Yandex etc.

Dogpil Traffic :

As a website of United States website they got hug amount of traffic from US. Their November 2021 page view is 3.03M. They Got 69.64% Traffic from US, 8.60% from Canada. Their 87% visitors come from direct link.

Search engine

Is Dogpil show Ads?

No, Dogpil Don’t show ads on the search result.

Dogpil Main Competitors :,,,

Lycos is an United States company. Based on Electronic and computer technology. This company was launched in 1994.

Lycos Traffic : 

As November 2021, visited 865.55K visitors. Page visit duration almost 4min. Bounce Rate 40.50%. They got 49.56% visitors from  United States. From Germany 13.12%.

This website visit by 87% visitors by direct link.   Is Lycos display ads : Yes, they’re visitors see ads.

Lycsos Competitor : 

Excite, webcrawler, dogpil etc


Metacrawler is a metasearch engine.Which was first launched 1996. Metacrawler owner is System1. And Also System1 is a Brand of InfoSpace LLC.

Search engine

Metacrawler Traffic :

Metacrawler got 500K visitors in November 2021. Their 32% visitors from US, 19% from UK, 10% From Bangladesh. Their 75% visitor came from Direct link.

Is metacrawler display ads

ads No, metacrawler Don’t show ads on their search engine.

metacrawler Competitors :

Dogpil, ask, lycos,


According to Wikipedia Webcrawler is the most surviving search engine. This search engine was the top 2 most visited website in February 1994. But this search engine dropped within little longer time.

It become down within a very short time for the others competitor search engine such as Yahoo, Excite, Lycos.

Webcrawler Traffic:

In November 2021 Webcrawler got 400K visitors from World wide. Their most of the Visitors from US. About 76% are from United States. They got 48% visitors from direct link and 24% from search.   Is webcrawler display ads :

No, the Don’t show ads.

webcrawler Competitors :

Dogpil, ask, lycos, info.

Conclusion :

Those was the best Search engine according to Similarweb Traffic Record. But i research about that. And i found that This list isn’t temporary. This list is for Long time. And All those search engine list is make by Popularity.

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