Make Money Online: beginners guide how to make money Online!

I’m Lutfur and Today I’m going to show you can i really earn money from online. And show your how to do and what’s the process of making money and how to make money online using Android phone, how to make money using Computer etc.

How to make money online

Online Job Name

  1. Became a professional blog writer
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. As a SEO Specialist
  4. Online Brand Executive
  5. Online Video Editor
  6. Web Designer
  7. Web Developer
  8. Photographer
  9. Social media manager
  10. Online Product seller
  11. Online tutor
  12. Become a professional youtuber
  13. Vlog ( video blogger)
  14. Making Cartoon video
  15. Content writer
  16. Voice artist
  17. Freelancer
  18. Advertiser
  19. Sell Products
  20. Mining cryptocurrency
  21. Trading


If You use Google Blogger for blogging. You can make blog or like professional blog or website by using Google blogger.

If want to star a free blog and Choose Google Blogger. you will get a free Domain and Totally Free Hosting Of Google.

This is one of the best way to earn free money with Google adsense. Google adsense is allow you to published their ads on your blog or website and they will pay for that. All you have to do is make a website / blog

After Make Your blog/website You will Apply for Google Adsense.

And If You make Your Blog/website Properly and Customize Properly Than You will be get Approve.

You can learn “Made money with Google adsense”

Google Adsense

Website Publisher

If You want to make money online and It’s the best way and Legal way for making money online. Because, After Make Your Website and Published It You can make Money from many way.

If You have a website. You can make Money online for 6 types.

  1. Published Google Adsense Ads
  2. Third Party Advertisements
  3. Affiliates Marketing
  4. Products Sell
  5. Promoting Brands
  6. Promoting Any Website
  1. You can published adsense ads in your website. google adsense is a ads serve service and you can easily earn money from Google Adsense.
  2. Third party Advertisements also is a good income source. Some of them are high paying site like Ezoic.
  3. You can use your website for Affiliate marketing. It’s one of the best way for income with a website.

Graphic Designer

In today’s World everything is going online. If want to make a design of your any visiting Card,  E-Mail Template, Photographs, Any Types Banner, Cover Photo, Magazine Cover, Typography, Website Template then you need a graphic designer. Graphic designer salary are very smart level. And one things is that It’s really amusing job. Showing creativity is only way of graphic design. Even, you can sell your deign and you can get paid from some website that actually made you as a contributor and if your work(picture) get download then you will get payment.

You can start your Career as a Graphic designer.

A Graphic designer can earn per months 500$-1000$.

You have to learn about Graphic Design.

Affiliates Marketing

It is also very good platform that really good for making money online. Everyone know about Amazon company and this company is world one of the best affiliated supported company. Million of people work in this company. So, you need a website like e-commerce categorise and apply for Amazon Affiliated programme.

Suppose,  You have an Website. Or if you don’t have any website You can make a website and start Affiliate Marketing.

Sell Products and get Commission.

This also Easy. For Know Search On YouTube. I can’t tell You because, I’m saying how to make money online.

Mining Cryptocurrency

If you have enough money. And If you want to invest in any platform that choose Mining Cryptocurrency.

Today,  Bitcoin almost 50K$ 

More that 12K+ Cryptocurrency Now In the market place. And Total Market Cap $2,274854214528

You can easily mining those cryptocurrency. You have to buy and PC and Well Configuration GPU or Graphic Card.

To know more about mining cryptocurrency watch this video. I think It’s the best way of make money online without any loss.

Sell Products Online

If you invest A Tree(planting) and After a 5 or 6 Years later You will get Fruit from this tree.

Like that if you invest a $1000 in your business. Minimum You will get return 100$ after selling Period.

So, What should you do if you are a beginner make a popper Facebook page and boost this page for selling your product you can sell product for what you want if you want to make your business big then make a portfolio website and boost this website.

Paid Survey

Paid survey is a very easy but also difficult.

Some of the country like US, USA,  Canada this survey is totally free.

But if you are an non American or canadian than you should follow this process

Number one


This IP provide some internet based website or search in Facebook Group survey releted and they provide you best IP with in 10-15$..

Number Two

Android Phone or PC 

If you have a Pc or leptop than you can work better but Android also help you.

After this process your IP provider will help you for earning from Survey Website.

Products Review

Products review is another way of make money online and it’s free. If you want to make money online you can use This method. Many website offer for review Their content or products and they will paid you. 

It’s little bit easy and legal way of make money online.

Website for products review and for paid

Here i collect best two company.



It’s a vey good company for products review. They will give you free products and you will use and after using products you will get paid.


Branded Survey 

This website is very hot. They pay you without no thanks. If you want to earn money you can easily earn. They Pay GIFT Cards. Or by By Paypal.

This a legal way of make money online for free and paid.

Those steps are just an idea. You have to learn those every single Types of Way. So, Research every topic deeply.

After Researches you have to identify that what topic perfect for you.

If you want to start for free than use free method and if you have money than try paid method

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