How to write a blog post that Rank on Google for Free

If you write 100+ Content but yet have no Visitors in your blog/ website. You can’t Rank on Google. than you Should follow my Only 5 steps.

Hey, Everyone, I’m Lutfur Rahman. Today I’m going to Explain and Summarize About Ranking on Google by writing a perfect blog post.

In this case, I know you continuously Spend time for ranking on google but you can’t. So, Let’s get started.

Keyword Research

Before you start writing your content you must be do Keyword Research. You can write About anything but it must be worthy. Without traffic your blog/ website have no value. So drive traffic from Search engine.

You should use some techniques and You need to follow some technique. And here are some of the technique.

Use keywords that do not have much competition. You can use Some free tools like : answerthepeople, Ubersuggest, google planner, etc.

Here’s an example : I need a keyword about “SEO” And i have no ideas about log tail keywords and short tail keywords. After search on Answerthepeople with “SEO” I found 389 suggestions. And all the suggestions are not so complicated.

Now, I select a keyword which is “why seo is important for your website” and goto ubwrsuggest.

How to write a blog post that rank on Google

So, Ubersuggest allow you up to three times free search in a day. And if you buy premium pack you can analysis so many keywords. Or if you have already buy some keywords research tools like MOZ PRO, ahrefs you can Analysis your selected Keyword. So, what should you do to Select a perfect keyword about your Niche.

why seo is important for your website

Okay than, Let’s drive into deeper. You have select a keyword and It’s might be so difficult so now I’m suggest you an amusing tricks. How to select a better keyword.

Number one – make sure Your Keyword SD (SEO DIFFICULTY) Under 15-20 and Search volume minimum 500 in a month. Second, Your keyword must have a power word. know more about power word

On-page e SEO Understand

On-page Seo Can effectively transform Completely from and effectivet. a site from low quality to high quality. Even one of the main factors of google is on-page SEO. When you done this prossess connecty and effectively you can see Your Site’s performance very quickly.

how to rank on Google

So, Here’s the quick tricks and list you, Should follow to do Best in on-page SEO. At first, write a meta description. Correctly. Second, Make sure you have link your Content between one with another. This strategy Make your website stronger. Third, Link building is another factor that can boost

Your Rank on Google.

Also Link building increase your website’s Domain Authority. I read about Link building strategy and i found that this can help to increase Trust level of your website in google bot.So, More linking more increasing.

Fourth, Do not use Duplicate content. Because of why? If you already know about Bounce rate of website you also know and trying to Decrease your website’s Bounce Rate.

If you use fake or duplicate content your visitor found nothing good information and think about an example. I search on google about something and click on your website link but after clicking i found no information. What do i do than? I immediately left your Website and your Bounce Rate become increase and google will understand your website have no valuable content. So, make it sense.

Local Search data analysis

Here’s the Premium tricks for you just for free. If you want to Smart traffic you need to Use your local pople. Try to know what they want, I mean what they search on Internet.

To get Regional Search Result You Can Use google advanced Search option.

Goto advanced Setting and select “Region” after Select “Region” you will get Some local Keywords.

How to rank on Google -Seohelpzone

And why I’m suggest local SEO?
Because, you can write best as well as high quality Content about your local keyword and and topic.
To boost you website Rank an achieve #1 Rank on Google you have to do Better from your Competitors.

So, after doing Keyword Research you have to analysis your competitor. You must Be Best from your Competitor. Let’s know about how to know your compositor.

Follow AIDA Model

This model stand for Awareness, Interest, Desir, Action.

AIDA Model

Awareness is grabbing the reader’s attention. in the first place, It’s how you get traffic to your site, that’s why title and meta description are important. In the title that draws people attention and makes people click through…

Remember a headline is so Very important and critical that 73% of people decide that your title matches the information they search for. Eight out of ten people click to see the correct headline.

Now what’s interest? It’s a very important Because, it’s Keeps your visitors On your and also your website’s others pages, web page.

So, How to do that? Well, it’s very easy steps. You should Spend your time on what’s you promising in headlines.
Make sure you the write about your headline. That’s make your website more Valuable. And help also Rank on Google.

Then, The desire. The best way to build a strong desire to use bullet point on your post.
Not too many. But use some and Highlighted Some important lines, verse and quotes.

“Studies show that people are more attracted When they learn different Knowledge and different presentation”

In the last option is Action. You to take action about selling something or call your visitors to buy or visit others pages in your website. In the last Paragraph yiu can add some links or some lines that your visitors attracts and visit others pages. Or tell them to buy your service. That wil be works. Guarantee.

Backlink for Rank on Google

Back link is one of the greatest factor to Rank Google. Google Seo update clearly describe that If your website have lot of back link but not with any types of website it must be high DA website. your Website will Continuously rank.

Look at the picture. I search on google by witting”SEO tips and tricks”. There are more than 226,000,000 Search result Came.
But there’s a number one Ranking website also.

Rank on Google

Most of the people know about google/others Search engine result.

There’re 2 tyoes Search result wich is 1. paid, 2. Organic. So, we are not count a paid result as a Number one search result. We count a Organic result as number one.

First. In the 1st Ranking website. They have 1306 Backlink. and their now On the 1st position.

1st Ranking website

Second, If we look at the 3rd page of Organic Search Result. They’ve also backlink Only 30 and their Keywords are now Ranking On google.

Rank on Google

One things you have to know that. If you ask me a question that. Can i Rank on google. without building back link? It’s answer is yes, you can. But SEO is depending overall
performance of your on-page seo and off-page Seo.

•Google also talk about the very important of the creating Back Links. So, If you want to boost your Rank on google. you have to follow this steps, also if I know you want to increase your DA (Domain Authority) you can only do that by create back links.

Analysis your Competitor

I know you can write 100 of content” and with in a week or month. but Creating content is not only the Steps of Rank you have to analyse your competitors. What they done? Why they’re is first place? what are their content? how many key word they’ve in Rank?.

Now, I will show you quickly and Try to give you all the answers of those questions. If you want to Rank you to must have to know this questions’s answer.

first questions : what they’ve done?

The Answer is quite simple. They already published content witt Right information, and well optimize Content. They write about what They’ve Promise in their headline.

Second question: Why they’re in the 1st place?

well, when you write content, your must write Right content. Right Content means The exject content. do not duplicate Content. Use your own Quality content

Third question: How many key words they’ve in Rank?

Answer: This question’s answer is easy but you need to Research about this. I have quick Solution for you. When you Search to write a Keyword, and you will find a Result. Then copy your competitors link and goto uberssuggest, paste this link. you will find everything about Your Competitor. How many Keywords,

How many visitors

How many Ranking pages.


So, here’s the final and original tips for Rank on Google. Basically hard work also Requind for Rank on google.

Because, when you building backling it’s might be So buring for you. But if you can buy Premium tools or buy back link that’s anothe matter.

follow all my tips and all my strategy becaus, I have study and about the SEO and i have done my experience.

SEO HELP ZONE alywes provide 100% correct information.

To increase your web site rank do not try to use bl@ck h@t h@cking. If you try Normally, for the first time you will achive the well rank but after that you lose you all Search data and google will kick you soon.

Thanks for Being with me.

Lutfur Rahman
Lutfur Rahman

” Excessive wanting, wanting to do it quickly destroys people’s plan”

— Lutfur Rahman (founder of SHZ)

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