How to turn on only 4G mode [ Absolutely LTE/NR Mode ]

Amusing Tricks for Only 4G Mode

Turn on only 4G mode is a wonderful strategy for Use Mobile Network fast. At the same time, it plays a very important role in staying on the 4G network all the time.

But This will not increase the network speed But it will always help to keep the network running in 4G mode.

Will only support 4G mode on all devices?

Yes, this app can use almost all types of 4G enable device. But some brand or firmware are not allow to use this opportunity.

Is only 4G mode harmful or Dangerous for Device?

No, there’s no harmful effects on this App. Because, this app’s just help you to use your mobile phone settings. That’s mean this options already in your Phone. And it’s just help you.

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How to active only 4G mode / LTE mode?

At first, Goto Google Play Store and Download force LTE Only (4G/5G)

Only 4G mode

If You Don’t know the settings Your Networks Settings might be Damage. So, Read how to setting. Don’t quit.

step 1

Only 4G mode

Open this App and you will get 4 Options. Now a day, most of the device are Android 11+ and also Android 10 enable. So, It’s very easy to use and enable 4G/5G mode.

As your Android version of mobile choose option.

Step 2

If Your device version Android 11. Click METHOD 2 and an options appear. In this Screen you wil get simple 2 steps.

*step 1

In the top of the page you can easily change your SIM card slot. If you want to.

*Step 2

Set Preferred network type : It’s the main settings you have to change. After clicking here you will get so many network type.

Only 4g mode

If you want to enable only 4G choose LTE ( Long Term Evolution). Which is allow to stay all time as a 4G network.

Only 4g mode

If you want to enable 5G click on NR Only. BUT 5G WILL MUST BE SUPPORT ON YOUR DEVICE AND NETWORK.

Only 5g mode

Problem That You might be face?

After Active 4G/5G All types of calls can be turned off. if you have two SIM, only this SIM card’s call will be turned off which you turn on 4G/5G mode.

How to Reset to System Default?

Goto “Set Preferred network type” and select this option to reset system default settings. If your problem is not solved then you have to restart the phone with clear data of this app.

How to turn on 4g mode only

Important Note

Don’t Change any other Options. This can be harmful for your device Or face others problem.

So, That’s how to turn on Only 4G mode. i think it’s will be more helpful to you. If yiu face any problem than comment blew. I will reply quickly.

Lutfur Rahman
Lutfur Rahman

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