How to protect facebook account

This is 12 ways that can help you protect your facebook from hackers. know how to protect facebook account.

Change your passwords or change the password for your account

Change your wall and profile pictures to be safe. Sign out from posts and comments that you have liked. Delete posts and comments you have not posted yourself or have not approved. Hide your posts using the feature on your News Feed. Use 2FA to log in to your account. Change your password every 3 months. Passwords to your account should be strong and not use easy words or spellings. Sign out of your account.

To see a list of recommendations to use to protect your facebook account from hackers and spammers. Let’s learn How to protect facebook account.

Use a different email password for Facebook

Never use the same password for your facebook account and different from the one you use for your email account. Never ever.

Make sure that you do not use your Facebook email password for other purposes.

Also try to make a different password for each one of your different accounts on the internet and email. Change your facebook password from time to time Try to change your facebook password as often as possible.

It helps a lot if you have separate passwords for all your different accounts. As you change a password you can also put a comment next to your facebook page that you just made the change and let your followers know that you have made a new account. Turn off Facebook notifications on your smartphone Turn off all notifications except for essential ones for your smartphone.

Avoid giving out personal information on Facebook

Never give out your age, gender or birthdate Publicly. Although there are rumors that the facebook gives out your data to outside sites or companies.

If you do give out these kinds of information, the above is why the users would be unable to use their accounts.

How to protect facebook account
Don’t share personal information in Facebook.

In case you feel like you are giving out too much information about your facebook account, please always ask the site to remove the information you gave.

Facebook also advises that you keep your facebook account secret from your friends and family. Avoid clicking on links posted by friends While browsing facebook, avoid clicking on links posted by your friends on facebook wall.

Some of the links that pop up are infected with viruses or trojan horses and when clicked it sends the victims to a malicious website.

Keep your Facebook settings up-to-date

The way you manage your settings is important, which is why we do this as part of our Security Guide. Always use secure (https) connections whenever you can.

Always use difficult passwords. Change your password frequently. Make sure you choose a secure password that’s a minimum of 8 characters and can’t be easily guessed. Don’t ever share your password with anyone.

Use 2-factor authentication for added security

Enable session logging to have a record of who visits your account. Update your browser’s security. Use HTTPS Everywhere. Check your security settings.

Use 2 Factor Authentication for extra security.

Enable two-factor authentication
Go to your facebook privacy settings page. Scroll down and check the box next to the are Two-Factor Authentications. You can also choose whether you want to use SMS or a traditional verification method such as a code on your mobile phone.

Learn more about 2 step verification

Use a good quality password

Keeping your password secure is very important. Try to create at least 15 characters of a random type that you’ll remember. If you can use that same password for your emails then it’s even better! Choose a strong passphrase Choose a strong passphrase that will help you remember it.

Make your password be both random and memorable. Don’t let anybody get access to your facebook account If you are using a public computer, don’t click on unknown links in emails and don’t click on need more friend’s on Facebook!

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Update your browser and operating system

To get the latest security patches. Update your operating system to get the latest security patches Install anti-virus software Anti-virus software.

Never connect to Facebook from public wifi networks. Never connect to Facebook from public wifi networks Secure your browser Secure your browser. That’s How to protect facebook account.

Don’t use public wifi Don’t use public wifi Maintain strong, unique passwords Maintain strong, unique passwords Delete your facebook account Delete your facebook account Don’t accept friend requests from unknown people.

Turn off location services

Most smartphones these days come with a GPS on which can be turned off. This can be done in your phone settings.

Disable any apps that use your phone’s GPS or forward it to the internet.

This will make it difficult for hackers to track you with your GPS location. Be careful with information you share Facebook privacy settings can help you set up categories for your info that you do and don’t want to be shared. If you do not want your kids friends’ info on facebook you can set this up.

You can also take advantage of this feature and hide your personal details from public view by setting them to friends only. This is a great tool to keep on your facebook.

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Beware of dangerous links from unknown sources

Avoid clicking on email links from people you don’t know and check before you click on any link.

Disable plugins

These applications can bypass the firewall and let hackers access your account.

If you want to disable the plugins, you have to click the More tab on your Facebook settings and then select the Plugins tab. From there, click the disable button.

To disable the Flash plugin, select the Tools tab, go to Options and disable Flash. Password protect your profile It’s best to make your profile a separate account with its own password, to stop hackers from gaining access to your Facebook profile and other accounts that contain it.

Check privacy settings Before you change any of your account settings, ensure you fully understand what is changing.

Don’t click on any suspicious links that you receive on Facebook

Look for scams, and spam content on Facebook
To protect your facebook account from receiving any spam please use these methods in order to stop all malicious activities. Block all the suspicious link(s).

How to protect facebook account

Be careful when connecting third party apps with

Conclusion for How to protect facebook account

Do not share your facebook information with anyone unless you’re sure of them. Take the time to log out or reset your facebook password regularly. Keep the security of your password in mind Use strong passwords. Use a password generator if you have trouble remembering them all.

Use two-step authentication if available. Not clicking on links or downloading attachments in emails from people you don’t know or recognize. Use a secure password manager.

Use best practices when selecting an application to use on facebook. Keep your profile, posts and pictures private and to a safe place. Keep your log in information in safe places. Know the basics of digital security:

Don’t share your login info and passwords. Don’t click links in e-mails from people you don’t know. I hope you understood How to protect facebook account.

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