How To Optimize Image For SEO

How to Optimize Your Images for SEO: The Next Generation Image Strategy

So, If you don’t Know about next generation Picture Than Your SEO maybe Down Day by day. Because, Image SEO is most important for website Rankin. If your website contain Large painted Image than your website speed become down.

What Is Next Generation Image SEO


What Is Next Generation Image SEO (NGI)? 

Image SEO is most important for SEO because if website page like facebook and twitter has image then traffic comes and traffic increase. On the the opposite in case of competitors like Google, who have Page Rank rank as much as 900 pages with full related text and big amount of visible words.

Google search engine can see it from their servers. In Search Engine Optimization industry it is considered as Sitemap. 

But, that is not enough because there is lots of improvement in this field. So if you want to improve SEO then you need to improve NGI in you website also. 

What is Next Generation Image SEO (NGI)? Next generation Image SEO (NGI) is related to every way you can influence your image in social network.

Is my website speed slow for Traditional Image? 

Yes, About 80% Website Speed depend on Image. 
So, if your website contains so many large picture than your website become load slow.


Is my website speed slow for Traditional Image?  Yes, About 80% Website Speed depend on Image.  So, if your website contains so many large picture than your website become load slow.


Why You Need Optimize Your Images for SEO

Every Relevant and Marked image is using every Website links or for that matter any content in your webpage. And also when you search on Google Google provides free traffic and promote your site on Google Search, a website in every Internet explorer has got the Picture. 

There is no doubt that the Image has always been used to enhance the usability of an website. But as a website grows over the time, the image also must not taken over the importance for proper SEO. 

There are a number of SEO tools, tools and techniques that is used to optimize the website performance. The image must be optimized for proper SEO so that it not take over the place of your main search keywords.

To know more about image optimization Click Here. Image optimization is also essential for webmasters.

What Is Next Generation Image SEO

What is Image SEO

Image Search is something search engine not link to site but words associated with picture. So, any image a search engine will show top search result, Those with most visitors and users view and engagement.

So, If you want to Optimize and rank your Image on the search engines so that people find your image on top of search result, here is the tutorial how to Optimize your Images for SEO. 

1. Use SEO friendly Picture If your website uses pictures, then make sure your image are Search engine friendly. Search engine friendly picture show a smaller picture, so that people can easily see and easily read.

Image SEO is in Name of Search Engine Friendly Picture. If your picture is so small that it look too small then make sure you upload your image in Image size.

How to Optimize Your Images for SEO?

Optimization is not only keyword phrase optimization But, it also effect your site image on search engines. So, there is no type of image that optimize your Website Rankin and we are going to see few Basic of Image optimization with Webamstor to ask image optimization advice from experienced blogger.

Basic on Image Optimization is to correct image url: What we do when we loose image on our webpage due to an update of our web-browser? That’s right. We will find that original image and upload it back.

So, if you have WordPress then you have an option to enter this url in the “photo upload” box and we will solve the problem. But, what if you use a server powered CMS?

Then what should you do?

you need to do control “photo upload” box.

So, now we will show you how to make next generation picture and you will know  all about next generation picture.

What’s the next generation picture Format?

There are 4 Next generation picture : AVIF,  WebP, JPEG 2000, JPEG XR

How To make Next Generation picture? 

I’m just using a website for convert WebP image 

Click Here

Upload Your Picture and convert. 

And Quality Must Be take 50

How To Optimize Image For SEO


You probably seen that the next generation picture is taking everything into a new way. However, Do you know this: Picture SEO Create specific target audience and also their personality & behavior.

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