How to Increase PHP Upload Limits From cPanal

If you see this warning like “PHP Upload Limits 2M” than you’re in the right place. Now I’m going to See how exactly Increase PHP Upload Limits 2M to 40M or more.

Increase PHP Upload Limits

To increase your website’s PHP Upload Limits at first you need to Login your website cPanel.


After Login to cPanel You can search this Option in the right upper side of cPanel page or Just Scroll Down and Find this Option named “SOFTWARE”.

In this section You will see an options which name is “Select PHP Version”.

Click On it.

Increase PHP Upload Limits


Now, You’re in PHP Selector. You Will see three Options there.

BTW, Click On “Options”

How to increase php file limit


After Landing this page. There’s a lot of options you will see.

Scroll Down And In the Last Option of this page is Upload_max_Filesize is always 2M by Default.

Click On it and Choose what you want to change.

You can Increase

How to increase php file limit

Conclusion :

I’m pretty sure that you have understand that how to Increase PHP Upload Limits. If you don’t sure or show any types of error you can easily contact with me. I will try my best.


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