How to change cPanel PHP Memory Limit 124M to 254M

PHP Memory Limit is a simple and common issue. In this tutorial I’ll show you that how to increase PHP m’emory Limits easily.

How to increase PHP Memory Limit

To increase PHP memory Limit you have to login your website’s cPanel. To login cPanel Goto your Hosting Dashboard and Click on manage than click on cPanel



After Open WordPress cPanel or any CMS cPanel you will find lots of Options.

You can Search On the top Search bar by written “SOFTWARE”

Or Just Scroll Down and find ❝SOFTWARE❞ option And here an option that ❝Select PHP Version❞Click on it.

Increase PHP Upload Limits


Now, In this page basically there are 3 basic page.

So, You have to Click on ❝Option❞

How to increase php file limit


Let’s see where is this option that we should change.

So, Scroll down this page and find memory_limit.

Increase PHP memory Limits


This was a simple solution of this Memory Limit’s Problem.


How to Increase PHP Upload Limits From cPanal.

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