How to add Star Rating on Article (100% FREE & working)

Star Rating on Article is a very simple things. You can add Rating in your blog Post or any article. Although, By default you can add star rating in a few categories. But if you want you can add Star Rating on Article.

What are an article ratings?

Article rating is all about the feedback of your customers. When you get reviews from Visitors or Customers this review and star rating will be show on Google SERPs ( Search Engine Result Pages)

What is the meaning of star ratings?

Star Rating mean your content is Awesome and helpful for people and that’s why they give you rating.

What do I write for a 5 star rating?

To get 5 star rating you have to write best Article and Don’t provide wrong information. When someone get their solution and likes your content they will must give you 5 star rating.

star rating plugins for wordpress

There’s a lot of wordpress plugin available for star rating. But using a lot of plugin is not recommended. So, I’m find out a plugin that all about for SEO and you can use this Plugin like a star rating plugins for wordpress.

This Plugin name is Rank Math. I will use this plugin for star rating on our Article.

Can I Add Star Rating on Article?

Yes, You can add Star Rating on Article. But bu default some of the Plugin Doesn’t allow To add Rating on Article. But with the help of RANK MATH SEO we can add Star rating. Just follow my all steps.

Rating Categories

Google allow 5 Types of Categories that will show Star Rating.

  • Software
  • Recipe
  • Curses
  • Book
  • Movie

How to Article Rating ( Step by Step)

We need a plugin to use for Star Rating on articles. The Name of Plugin is “Rank Math Plugin”. Also You can use this plugin for show star rating on Others Categories too.

So, Goto Add new Plugin And Download Rank Math Plugin. After Setting you have to goto your Post/Article.

Step # 1

When you open a article editor page. You will find a option in above of the Editor. Or if you use mobile you will find this option Beside setting.

So, here click on Third Section (Schema).

There’s a Default Schema will be there. So, to remove this Schema click on Delete Button. And than press On Yes.

and than press on ❝Schema Generator❞

Step # 1.0

Now, In this Pop Up Menus You will find Lot of Schema Markup Genarator.

But I’m Going Give you a tips for Add Star Rating on Article.

Search here ❝Cours❞ and Click on “Use”.

Step # 1.1 and 1.2

Now, Full Fill all the information.


Write a heading that will be display in search engine result.

Review Location :

Review Location means where you want to show your earning rearing. If you select ❝Below Conten❞ than it will be show after Headlines.

Again, If you select ❝After Content❞ than it will be show your rating After the Meta description.

Star Rating on Article

Step #3

In this Box write about your Article’s Short Description. This Description will be show on Search engine result.

Course Provider Name :

You can Write Your website name or your ( Author) name in this Section.

Recommendations: I recommend that write your website name. But if your author team has more author than you can give your name.

Course Provider Link:

So, Here you have to put Course Provider link. If you give your website name than put your website link.

On the other hand, If you Give Author Name. You can Provide Author Profile Link.

Star Rating on Article

Step #4

The 4th step is about Review. Here’s you can put your rating. You can Customize your Rating Score. Let’s Learn All about all section.

Rating :

This is for your rating Score. It mean your content maximum rating or Final Rating. There’s no Above or less Rating than you set here.

If you create for App rating. You must be take this number at 5. Because, Normally all apps rating are 5★.

Rating Minimum :

This Option for set your minimum rating. This mean if you set 3 than no one can give your content rating above 3. And if you set 2 than no one can give your content rating above 2.

Rating Maximum :

I previously talk about Rating Score. If you set this 5 that means your maximum rating is 5.

BTW, Your rating score must be take as like as ❝Rating Score❞.

Star Rating on Article

I hope you understood better. If you still have a question yiu can contact with me. Or you can comment above comment section.

And that’s how to Add Star Rating on Article.

Attention: If you want to read more about Star Rating. you can Read more from Schema Markup website


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