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10 Awesome Games You Can Play on Your Computer For Free

Hey everyone what’s up I hope you are well today I am going to write about PC game which is also call computer games. In this list I added best computer games which you can play for free.
Computer game


What are the best free PC games?

1. Civilization 4
2. Counter Strike
4. World of Warcraft
5. WoW Gold
6. Starcraft 2
7. Battlefield 3
8. Tomb Raider
9. Final Fantasy VII
10. Final Fantasy VI
Best computer games list for free 
Civilization 4
Civilization 4  is my favourite game to play.
Download Civilization 4 for free here. 
Counter Strike
Computer game


Counter Strike is one of the most popular gaming games in the world. To play this game you have to buy a game box which comes with Counter Strike. To play Counter Strike you can download Counter Strike free from here
In September  2021  Counter Strike game played by 20M+ people all over the world
Computer game


Portal is the grand new sequel of Valve Corporation’s acclaimed puzzle game Portal.
Platform: macOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Linux, Classic Mac OS
Internal release 2007.
Buy now from Steam
World of Warcraft
Computer game


World of Warcraft is a online multiplayer pc game. This is a great Pc game ever i have see.
You can play this game.
This game won VGX Award For Best Game.
Internal Release 2004
Starcraft 2
Computer game


This game is just good. This game also won
VGX Award For Best performance for Human Female presenting.
VGX Best Game For Pc
Battlefield 3
Computer game


Mode: single player, Multi Player.
Platform : Xbox One, Xobx 360, PC, Play Station 3.
This game is developed by EA and DICE.
Battlefield 4 also release in 2014.
For more info Click here to read about from battlefield 3 wiki.
for buy this game on Steam click here

Tomb Rider 

Computer game


Tomb Rider Is a video game series. It is well-known Video game and It’s Known By the name of Lara Croft.
This Game is a a Published in 1996.
Platform: This game is developed for lot of Platform. 
It’s almost support all the System.
There’s a Primary System That support this Vide game
1. Android
2. Microsoft Windows
3. ISO
4. Linux
5. MacOS
6. Mobile Phone
7. PlayStation 1
8. PlayStation 2
9. PlayStation 3
10. PlayStation 4
11. PlayStation 5
12. Xbox
13. Xbox 360
14. Wii
15. Xbox One
How much Title version of this game?
This Game has a lot of title version. In. Total From 1996 to 2018 There’s a 21 Version Has been Published.
Sales (Life times)
In 2021, This game is Sell by life times almost 84 Millions times.
In 2017 this game was sales 64 Millions unit.
This a huge amount of Sales.

Final Fantasy VII

Computer game
Final Fantasy is Video Game Series.
Mode: Single-player mode
1. Android
2. Microsoft Windows
3. Mobile Phone
4. PlayStation 1
5. PlayStation 2
6. PlayStation 3
7. PlayStation 4
8. Xbox One
9. Xbox 360
10. iSO
This game was first released in 1997 on PlayStation but now it’s develop for the many platforms like Xbox and Android.
This game was 1st release in 1997 for the PlayStation
In 1998 , The developer develop this game for the Windows.
In 2015, this game is come for iSO user.
In 2015, This game is release for Playstation 4.
And Finally In 2016 This game is release for Android System.
And Last of the version, this game is come for  Switch, Xbox One.

Final Fantasy 6

Computer game
Fantasy  6 is also a part of Final Fantasy 7.
This version of game was 1st Release in 1997.
After A few Years,  this game also develop for different  platform. In 1997 this game was release only Japan. And An interesting fact is that this game was release in North America As a Final Fantasy 3. Because, Others version wasn’t release outside of Japan.
Platform :
Playstation 4
Game Boy Advance
Super Nintendo Entertainment.
Mode : Single-Player
Genre(s)  :  role-playing
So, Thanks all for being with me. I hope You will enjoy all this game too much. All the Games is high rated game series and Best pc game ever. All the game is high graphic and well deign game.

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