Tafsir Ibn Kasir Download Link – Free download tafsir ibn kathirdownload link bangla pdf

Tafsir ibn katir is one of the most important book of Islam. Today i’m going to share Free download tafsir ibn kathir download link bangla pdf.

Tafsir Ibn Kathir

Tafsir ibn katri name come from Tafseer al-Qur’an al-‘Azeem means “Exegesis of the Great Quran”. This book was mainly the commentary of every verse of The Quran with the reference to hadith.

Author Ibn Kathir
Language Arabic
Genre Tafsir
Time of published 14th century

Tafsir ibn kathir in Bangla Language

In 1988 Professor Mawlana Akhtar Farooq translated Tafsir Ibn Kathir into Bengali Language.

Today, Islamic Foundation Bangladesh published a copy of Tafsir ibn Kathir in 18 volumes.

Tafsir ibn kathir download link.

Now, you can easily download a pdf version of Tafsir ibn Kathir for free in Bangla.

Most of the people can’t buy this book. Because of high price. Even most people can’t buy it because not available for buying.

So, you can download tafsir ibn kathir in bangla for free.

I’m provide tafsir ibn kathir drive download link. You can easily download this book with just one click.

Let’s have a look at some screenshots from Tafsir Ibn Kathir pdf.

Now, under the pic of download click here and you will be redirected to Drive and you can download or read it online.

Final Word:

So, this was about how you can download tafsir ibn kathir Bangla pdf for free. And that’s tafsir ibn kathir download link.

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