Can I drive my parents car without Car insurance Ontario

poise coendure la virtue de mess parent’s sans assurance Ontario.

You’re young and you just got your driver’s license! Experience is necessary and requires regular driving practice. Driving the family car is therefore an advantage for parent’s Car insurance. In addition, any child may be required to be the driver of the parental means of transport for several reasons. Borrowing the vehicle of your parents is therefore not impossible if you do it legally. What are the conditions to be met to get behind the wheel of their car safely? Discover everything in this content.

poise coendure la virtue de mess parent's sans assurance Ontario

Make sure you are recognized as a secondary driver!

You are not illegal in wanting to drive the parents’ vehicle from time to time. On the contrary, it is your right but beware of the law. The condition for driving the family car is to be insured as a secondary user. Car insurance is important for you to be the driver of this vehicle. Just be sure it’s Car insurance in your name too.

Generally, insurers do not accept various profiles for the same insured vehicle. Nevertheless, there are establishments that work for an insured car on behalf of several. Simply lending the steering wheel of the parents’ vehicle is not recommended, you may encounter difficulties during a roadside check, for example. On the other hand, parents avoid insuring their child as a secondary driver. This is seen as not recommended behavior.

In addition, many parents encourage the lending of steering wheels by their offspring by registering a car purchased for their child in their own name. As a young person, you must drive legally and it is up to your parents to introduce you to this through insurance.

Subscribing to a contract by becoming the secondary driver is a good option. For this, you can ask your parents to meet their insurer in order to register you as an occasional driver.

Benefits of being a secondary driver

Being insured as a secondary driver allows you to take advantage of several advantages.

Be protected in the event of an accident

You know that accidents are common on the road! Thus, getting behind the wheel of your parents ‘vehicle can cost you dearly in the event of an accident. In these situations, the insurer finds out about the circumstances of the incident, as well as the people involved. The insurance house will then discover that the car was left with the child and not with the owner. Only the mention of your name on the auto insurance contract can save you in such a case.

The insurance contract is void if you are not insured. All expenses will therefore be at your expense or at the expense of the owner of the vehicle. The insurance house can compensate the victim of the accident but will ask you to reimburse them. The negative impacts of lending a car to an inexperienced can be costly to parents and yourself. Fortunately, registering as an occasional driver protects your family when an accident occurs.

Other benefits to consider

In addition to the dangers associated with road incidents, you have several other benefits. To easily have car insurance, experience is important and a lack in this case makes the process difficult. As far as automobile coverage is concerned, occasional driver status is beneficial to you. Thus, when you want to insure your vehicle, you have the possibility of benefiting from the same reductions as the most experienced.

This status simplifies the process for you in the future. As a young driver, you are exempt from any contribution. You are under the tutelage of your parents recognized as main conductors. So you don’t have to worry about incurring additional costs as a second-tier occasional driver.

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