Buy Namecheap domain from Bangladesh | Bkash to Namecheap

Namecheap domain can be purchased from any Country in the world. Today we’ll see how to buy namecheap domain from Bangladesh and is there any method to buy domain using Bkash to Namecheap.

Namecheap payment methods in Bangladesh

Namecheap payment methods actually same for all over the country’s. So, it should not be different from the normal payment system. According to Namecheap payment methods you can buy domain from Bangladesh by using some payment methods that i listed Below.

  1. Visa
  2. MasterCard
  3. Discover
  4. American Express
  5. PayPal
  6. Crypto-currency ( BTC, ETH, BCH)

You can make payment in Namecheap by using those payment methods.

Note : The minimum add fund in $5.00 expect Crypto-currency. And the Maximum of Add fund limit is $100,000.00. And if you add fund from Crypto-currency your minimum add fund is $1.00 and maximum add fund5 limit is as above $100,000.00.

Note : If you want to buy Namecheap domain with cryptocurrency you have to add fund before checkout. Because, When you going to Confirmed your order you can’t use this payment methods. So, before make the order confirmed you have to add fund From the the Top Up options.

How to buy namecheap domain from Bangladesh?

According Namecheap payment Policy you can buy Namecheap Domain from Bangladesh. Namecheap ane not restricted in any country. By agreeing their terms and conditions you can use those domain from any place in the world.

Let’s learn how can you buy Namecheap domain from Bangladesh. To buy domain you have to make a user account in Namecheap. So, create a user account before buy a domain.

  1. How to buy a domain from Bangladesh
    1. Add to Cart
    2. Checkout
    3. Confirmed your domain order
    4. Add Personal / Company Details
    5. Add payment method
    6. Complete Payment

At first, we’ll Search our Desire Domain name. and When you find your domain you can easily make payment by clicking Checkout.

Or you can add fund before checkout. So, Let’s see how to make payment directly.

  1. Find your domain and add to cart
how to buy a domain from namecheap

2. Recheck your Domain and check price for that. After review Domain name and check price click on Confirm Order.

How to buy a domain from namecheap in Bangladesh

3. Fill up your all personal information or if you buy this Domain for your company you can use those information.

4. Setup Whois Domain Look up information. Give your website / personal information that show on Whois. What’s Whois Domain Lookup


5. Select Payment methods. If you add fund ( top up) before you can payment from account blance. Or you can make payment just using any methods. I’m select card payment here.


6. Check payment Amount and check carefully others information. Then Proceed the transactions.


7. Congratulations! Check your Domains. Your payment is succesful placed and you buy Namecheap domain from Bangladesh.


This is a simple and easy steps for buy Namecheap domain from Bangladesh. Actually there’s no different system from country to country.

BKash to Namecheap payment methods

There’s no way to make payment from bkash to Namecheap. If you find article about this You will assume that he is a liar. Because, there is no such payment methods. I describe already all method.

So, Bkash to Namecheap payment methods are totally fake and people try to bunk or fraud with you.


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