Adsense Closed Account Payment with Honest Proven

You can get Adsense Closed Account Payment. But there is a Guidelines from Google Adsense Team. You should follow all those terms and conditions to get Adsense Closed Account Payment.

What’s the System of Google Adsense Payment?

Let’s see that how you can get payment. And what’s the Terms and conditions of Google adsense for get payment.

Before You get Star Make Sure You read about Adsense Payment Timeline

Google Adsense Payment Monthly Cycle based. There is a primary system for payment.

First, You have to reach minimum payment threshold. Which is $100 for website monetized adsense and Youtube Monetized payment account.

Second, Suppose, Your Adsense account approved in January. So your earning start from January. Now your all earnings of this months will be added in February 2th-3th Office Days.

Third, YouTube payment system also same way, Suppose, Your earnings on January. Your payment will be finalized in 7th-12th February.

Read More about in Youtube Adsense Payments FAQs Page

Can i get payment from adsense disable account?

Yes, you will receive your final balance after disabled your payment account. But still you have to full fill some requirements.

Do I need to verify my account to receive payment?

Yes, you have to verify adsense account for receive payment. Even if your account is disabled, still the account needs to be verified. When you complete verification you will receive adsense.

Will I get payment if the account is closed before $100?

If your balance is below $10, you will not receive any payment after disable account. But If there is more than $10 in the balance then you will get payment. You don’t need to full fill $100 payment threshold to get Adsense Closed Account Payment.

Adsense Closed Account Payment

Adsense Closed Account Payment Proof

Let’s see that how someone get Adsense Closed Account Payment. This account was close by Google in 8th March.

After Some days this account’s verification was completed and a few days later this account payment was release.

Closes Account

This is a closed account by Google. They also advice me that how can i get my final payment. You can see this in this picture.

Adsense Closed Account Verification

This is the proof that i verified my close account.

Note: If your account was closed but they will Post your PIN by mail.

Adsense Closed Account Balance Check

This account was closed in march. But you can see that the ending balance of February. Also including March final balance added into this.

Adsense Closed Account Payment Received by Bank Account

Yes, you can receive your closed account payment anytime after closing account. In case, some of account get payment early but some of them are get payment late. It’s just depends on “why Google adsense close your account”. Here’s my $14 was received by Bank account.


So, that was how you can get Adsense Closed Account Payment. I think You’re understand now. But if you have still have some questions about this. You can contact with me. I will try to help you.

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