10 Important AND Useful SEO Plugins for wordpress website

Powerful SEO Plugins For wordpress

SEO plugins for wordpress website is a important tools that can allow to achieve the Goal of your Internet based life. If You want to get lots of traffic You must have need SEO plugins. At First, I can say that, It’s need for Gain Visitors. Second, SEO plugins have a very easy options that will be help you lot and you Don’t need to be do coding. Third, It’s will be increase your revenue. fourth, SEO can increase Your Sell percentages. So, SEO plugins very need to us.

image for seo

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WordPress is a awesome tools and through wordpress you can do anything what ever you want to do.

So, Let’s talk about 10 SEO plugins for wordpress.

#1 LiteSpeed Cache

Seo plugins for wordpress

LiteSpeed Cache is a awesome tools and I Personally Really Love it. There’s so many options available for Optimize Image to your website. More than 3M+ Active User of LiteSpeed Cache.

Do You Know that Image is a number One Factor of increasing website Speed. So, if you want to boost your website speed You can use this.

Again, Another thing is that if your website loading speed become more faster than your SEO will be Boost easily.

The most powerful thing is that this plugin changes the SEO of a website.

usually, When a Website Owner Start a businesses or develope his personal website he start exploration for Best seo plugins for wordpress. And I Know 80% of YouTubers and blog writer advice him to install Yoast SEO.

#2 Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin have a 3 Premium Plan. Basically 4 plan. Free Plan can access Anyone and others 3 Premium Can Only access who Purchase their Plan.

Local SEO Video SEO News SEO
Local Business Management Your Video Show on Google search Website Optimization for Gnews
Better Performance on Google Map Search Get better Performance for Share Video and Post Well Performance for Sharing News
Easily Get Products Order Responsive video file XML sitemap for GNews

#3 Rank Math

Rank math was specially made for SEO. It’s a Genius Plugin i’ve seen ever. It have every single things what you need. And I’m gonna show you that what can do this plugin. And I think you will be love this and Immediately

You Can easily control your all seo activity.

Let’s talk about features of Rank math seo plugin

Easy to set-up

User friendly UI

Rank math has Built-in SEO analytic system

Real time data collect with Google Analytics

Tracking Your Rank

Keyword ranking positions Track

Built-in Schema Generator

Built-in Site Search link

Schema Maker (Custom)

Article Schema

Templates Schema

Products, Recipes, Local Business Schema

Google Knowledge Graph Schema

XML sitemap (Generator)

Image SEO ( Advanced Modules)

Focus On Keyword

Headline analysing

Heading SEO Score

Learn More about “Rank Math Installation Full Guide”

#4 JetPack

JetPack Specially Word for Increase Your website traffic, safe and make your WP websites Safe.

If you can 100% use of Jetpack you will get effective result within a months.

Firstly, Let’s Know about the fractures of Jetpack

✓Real Time Backup

✓One Click Restore

✓Extraordinary Safety

✓free speed optimized

✓Site State for Free

✓Auto Sharing ( Share post Facebook, Instagram, etc)

Jetpack Pricing


For the stater

  • Real-time Backup
  • Backup your file up to 10 GB
  • 30 days Activities log (all information about site state).


Best options for everyone

  • Up-to 10GB Backup storage available.
  • Malware scan ( Real-time)
  • Spam Protection up to 10K


Best support for an Organisation

  • Special backup & Safety Protection.
  • advanced video press fractures.
  • Available Advanced Deign Tools.

#5 SEO Press

Usually, You can Describe this plugin with one word “The Perfect”. All in one service available in this plugin. There’s so many things you will get after install this plugin. Every Seo tools contain SEO Press. I will describe one by one. At first, I wanna talk about the main theme of SEO Press. Even you can do seo optimization, schema, social sharing, meta data change, create xml and html site map, repair redirect error.

Seo plugins for wordpress
SEO Press Plugin Screenshot

SEO Press Element

✓Save your most of time by importing your google spreadsheet with in some click.

✓You can edit your Seo meta data from any type page builder like Element pro.

✓Specially, No Advertising, No footer Credit.

✓SEO press can help you to deep analysis your content.

✓This plugin also Preview You Post What looks like in social media when you share your content.

additionally, you can add or create XML SITEMAP through this plugin.

✓Not to mention, you can do anything whatever you want. Definitely, SEO Releted.

#6 Broken Link Checker

First, SEO is not only depends on off page SEO. Second, Your website’s SEO Result work well when your off page SEO and On page seo will be equal. If google crawler found broken link in your website that will be a big issue is your website. Even, if your website’s internal link are Broken that will effect your ranking. So, Broken Link Checker is an on page SEO element. Badly need for every one. With this in mind now we will know the features of Broken Link Checker.

Broken link checker


Check your broken link
Both External and Internal link will be automatic detected.
Especially, Error 404 detector.
If it detect good link as a broken link, you can manually make it as a not broken.

Specifically, Broken link check is so easy to use. To check broken link goto Admin>tools>broken link.
If your site have any redirect error it will define that also.

Image Optimizations For SEO

#7 All in One SEO

All in One is one of the Most oldest plugin of WordPress Site. This plugin was started in 2007 Ande still running. Almost over 3 million User Use this plugin in their wordpress Website. If you want to get most of the heigher rank you can use this plugin. They have so Many features. I personally Use and highly Recommended for everyone. You can easily Optimize your website SEO.
To follow their very easy steps. In fact, you will get little bit some trick from me.

SEO Basie Tools

✓XML site map
✓SEO Knowledge graphe
✓Meta title
✓meta description.
✓easily connected with search console/ ✓webmaster tools.
✓Schema markup available.
✓Local SEO feature.

✓page Optimization tools.

✓Content optimization.
✓Read ability for SEO.
✓blog post optimization.
✓Automatic Image SEO.
✓Snippet Schema for Search engine.
✓Site link Search Box for Search engine.
✓AMP for Google for Better SEO Result.

#8 Ahrefs

Ahrefs is well-known company in the field of SEO. They make a simple tools for wordpress to do SEO. I Research about this plugin and found review’s of people that’s not a good amount satisfactions. At first, I’m try to give a short list about what inside of this plugin.

Ahrefs SEO plugins

Ahrefs Plugin Features

Basically, Ahnefs Give you the first opportunity

for update your backlink within in 15-30mie for their website. I think It’s just a useless Option In the SEO Market.

Second, They can show your Google

Analytics data as same as. And they Just Analysis those data, that’s totally bad experience for me.

Third, They Combined your search traffic data and Search Console data. After collecting data they Combined all data and show you how can you Improve your conte for get more traffic from search

#9 Semrush

Semrush also have a great plugin as well as others SEO company. They’re plugin has some different options and tools. Frist of all it work for content when you write on WordPress.

In addition, I just found something different tools in Semrush. Which is Plagiarism checker available and it’s just check when you write your content.

Semrush will allow you to take a closer look at your content. It can catch a lot of subtle mistakes

There are also special benefits for analyzing readability. In a deep way, it has a different system for SEO.

Plagiarism checker also different tools This is a different system from many other plugins. And It’s really useful and time saving Initiative.

#10 Squirrly SEO

Most of the SEO company are always working to you for your best result. These companies always promise to give their best service.

Squirrly SEO is one of the best Seo plugins for wordpress. They claim to have everything in their plugin. You have guide for your website content from this plugin,

Most Popular 20 Search Engine 2022

Now, we will be learn about Squirrly SEO pricing and main feature.

Squirrly SEO have some awesome features.

✓ Research Keywords
✓ Copyright free images from their own store
✓ SEO Title Analysis
✓ Twitter Card Tools
✓ Guiding for SEO and Content
✓ instructions for internal Linking
✓ Every Keywords Rank Tracking
✓ Tools for edit XML site ( you can remove no-index article by manually )
✓ Schema Mark-up for Structure Data
✓ Redirect error solutions

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